• Her constant references : The Impressionist’s Monet touch, the intense colours from Maurice de Vlaminck, Masaccio’s fresco and his life episode from St Julien who had been very damaged and erased that redoing it gave me the street-art feeling, Turner’s watercolours, Constable’s sky… Every Thursdays Nights, I was studying them with Joy and frenzy… For ten years. And during the summer time, we were experimenting our lessons surrounded with the french countryside…


  • Memorable museums : I was moved, impressed, to see with my own eyes the original of what I used trying to copy at the workshop” Odilon Redon’s blue pastels at Musée d’Orsay, the Turner, Whistler, Monet’s exhibition at Le Grand Palais in 2004. “Soutine” at the Pinacothèque.“Vlaminck Fauve Instinct” at le Musée du Luxembourg in 2008. Nicolas de Staël’s exhibition was a real strong emotion; the violence expressed by the touch, his thick layers of colours… His artistic uniqueness, his figurative and abstract paintings, he seeks “only the visible painting for everyone.” , His tragically end. Unexpected, the large Soulages paintings at Pompidou Center in 2009… at that point, I cry, aesthetic emotion… He wrote, “I’m open to mistakes.” And says “I first paint to myself” If anyone likes it, it comforts me.” So it does to me too.


  • Artistic places : Lascaux Cave paintings, Kell’s Book Ornementation at Dublin’s Trinity College, Barcelona’s famous Gaudi’s Park : Güelle.


  • The Sea : I spent almost 46 years being scared to drown into water, any kind. And someday, with a certain pressure, I finally discovered a peaceful world, Alive… The ultimate and absolute final feeling I needed… I practise scuba-diving since then, and while I go training, I can enjoy the beauty under the Mediterranean Sea, the Caribbean Sea, the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea, The Channel, always a little scared to dive but still amazed, and oddly, always calmed when I got under the Ocean. I always got home with theses sensations I felt, inside me, its self-discovery. And so I re-project theses feelings into my paintings, exploring new abstract forms with the submarines views. It’s not a photography, I also can’t paint after any photography. It’s called without reliefs depths although in my mind it’s boiling.
    So I try out… for my own, I try to express this primal feeling, this kind of birth or self-discovery, mixed with the calming water that I enjoy. Why this calm into water ? Returning into my motherhood ? The before life’s feeling ? Studying the Bible had been given me this fulness… Large countercurrent topic… Spirituality seeking, absolute, love and feelings.